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a folk tale - and a warning to those of us planning trips this summer.

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With a repertoire of hundreds of stories from around the globe, Storyteller Alan Irvine can weave a program to fit any needs, any audience, any occasion. - whether it is ghost stories for Halloween, Summer Reading Club programs for libraries, School assemblies,Shakespeare, Pennsylvania & Pittsburgh history.

Along with performances, Alan also offers Pittsburgh walking tours .

"I know there must be some stories out there that Alan cannot tell, but I haven't found them yet.  Alan is one of those rare, all-around tellers who tell tales of all kinds with seamless ease and warmth. 
Mary Morgan Smith, producer
Three Rivers Storytelling Festival

"Irvine has a powerful, hypnotic voice that irresistibly draws listeners into the stories.
-Larry Cooperman,
School Library Journal

"Alan Irvine always seems to know the right story to tell for any particular moment, with always the possibility of a narrative surprise or two around any corner.
-Robert Rodriquez

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