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Robert's Raves
Robert Rodriguez's popular series examining story elements and themes in tales from around the world.

The European Scene
Sam Cannarozzi's articles on European feativals and happenings.

Story Types
Articles on specific stories, genres, and types of telling.

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How-to articles.

Reports on some of the best.

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Listen in as a group of reviewers debate and discuss their reactions to the latest releases.

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Contributions by and about the late storyteller Joe Healy

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The European Scene
Sam Yada Cannarozzi's articles on European festivals and happenings.

Three Festivals
—posted January 2004

Eurotour 2002: Switzerland
—posted April 2003

"O Gallo de Barcelos"
—posted July 2002

Storytelling at 2000 Meters
—posted February 2002

The Tale, the Word, the Teller and Those Who Heard
(the Interwoven Relationships of Story)
—posted in April, 2001

Scéalta Shamhna
Dublin's annual storytelling festival.
— published in WIP Winter 2000

Perhaps... A Double Portrait:
the Amiens Festival and Picardy Storyteller Laurent Devimes

—published in WIP Summer 1999

The Storyteller's Notebook
Give you're telling a bit of the unusual . . .
—published in WIP Winter 1999

Bees, Pirates, and Gypsies
Where does Sam spend the nights after performances?
—published in WIP Summer 1998

It Was Ten Times Upon a Time
The Tenth Anniversary of Grenoble's Arts of Storytelling Festival.
—published in WIP Winter 1998

Oralcles for Storytelling
Storytellers and fortunetellers: Are there similarities?
—published in WIP Winter 1998

Of Seeds and Journeys
How do stories travel?
—published in WIP Winter 1998

I've Been Framed (Said the Story)
Organizing disparate stories into a pleasant whole.
—published in WIP Summer 1997

Beréttar Festival
—published in WIP Winter 1997

A Novena of Stories
—published in WIP Winter 1997


Special Features

Why I Hate Lady Ragnell Alan Irvine's article and the rebuttal it engendered.

The Disney Stories Debate

What Are the Rules?

Variations on Storycrafting: Thomas the Rymer